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Players and Game Time
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Wasaaabi! back to their best!!

On a night that saw the debut of Dianne Antonovich, the team was back to their best, turning in a truely dominating performance. The first half of the game saw Vanessa marshalling the defensive end with a display that must have the other teams in the grade in absolute. Vanessa and Kieren combined brilliantly in the first quarter to leave the opposition with only 2 points on the board, a 16-2 first quarter effectively ending the game as a competition.

With the finals series looming Wasaaabi! are still the owners of a perfect record, Coack Krusha claiming that the tough times are behind the team and they're only going to get better in the lead up to the final.

And the starting lineup for this week is.....

Patricia Parker
Roy Antunovich
Tim Rogers
Vanessa Rogers
Alexia McConnell
Kieren Manu
Diane Antonovich

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Wondering what Indoor Netball is all about? Check out these motion pictures showing the best in the business in action...

click here to see Patricia

click here to see Kieren

click here to see Roy

Warning: This does take a while to download. But rest assured your patience will be rewarded.

Next Game

Thursday 28th September

Planet Central Park
New Zealand

Subject to change