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Player Profiles
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Yayyyeeee! We have everyone in the team long last. Seemed to be very difficult finding exclusive photos of the individual members, but thankfully the mission is complete.

If you have any questions about any players in Wasaaabi!, you just need to click on the "Feedback" page above and your querie shall be our deed to fill.

Coach Krusha

The Mighty Krusha!!! - Currently Leading the Vote

1st Year Head Coach - Krusha.
Krusha has stated that one of the biggest problems with the team will be discipline. This comment came after a falling out with one of the members of the team. When reached for comment, the player in question responded with one word "Poofter". It is hoped that this won't begin a feud within the team.

Vanessa "Lovely Lady" Rogers

Simply Special she is!!!!!

Tim "The Bear" Rogers

The Bear said so............and that's the bottom line!

Retired wrestling superstar, Tim "Bear Rogers, has made quite an impact on the WINF (World Indoor Netball Federation).
"It's been quite a change for me, but as my confidence continues to grow I'm looking at bringing in some of my specialist moves from my wrestling days. I've spent quite a bit of time in training working on the double axe-handle rejection"

Alexia "Mum" McConnell

The only mummy in the team, or Daddy for that matter

Roy "Whiteman" Antunovich

Who da man - YOU da man!!!!!!!!!!!!   Word!

The Star

Patricia "Star" Parker

This time last year Patricia had the nickname "Hoppy", however during the first few games of the season her injury woes have been put behind her, and her form has lead to a new nickname - The Star!

Kieren "Fashion" Manu

Equally at home on the Catwalk of the Indoor Court

Initially brought into the team as a fashion designer, it was soon discovered that Kieren brought just as much stlye to the Netball court as he did the Catwalk.

Kieren says that he lives a life very much focused on the two F's - Fashion & Food.