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Feedback from our Fans

This is where you have your chance to have your say.....Say it here say it now say it loud, the Fan's Feedback.

I guess it was always going to be the case that our first piece of feedback was going to come from Scott "Moose" Rasmussen.

"Checked out the site again today, nice video imaging.
After looking at the video, me thought Bear should of passed to Trish as she
was in much better position then passing a 50/50 pass to the back net!"

It's a nice piece of observation Scotty, but's you missed the obvious with this clip - What the hell was Bear doing playing Link in the first place!

The following is feedback from an anonymous fan:-

"I have been checking out your site for the last couple of weeks and I must admit it's good. I think that you should have more pictures of the BEAR as he is a real good looker, is he for sale? I have been so looking forward to the Sports Trivia page, but yet nothing has been published. Does Bear enjoy AFL? I enjoy it so much, I think he would look good in those short shorts. Give him a kiss from me.... XXXXXX"

"Nice socks!!!!!"

"That fella you call the bear is a good looking chap but I am disappointed that I am unable to vote for him in the best players. I'm sure he is the best. Is there any chance of a pic of him in the buff, cause I'm sure he is pretty buff.You could call it the bare bear. That Krusha looks like a poof."
Signed Anonymous

"I think the site is the koolest in the world. Keep it up guys!"