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Team Wasaaabi Merchandising

When you have chosen the Wasaaabi item that you wish to purchase, click the picture to go to the ordering screen. Please note, some items may offer discounts to Wasaaabi Fan Club members.

Genuine Wasaaabi Beach Towel

Wasaaabi Beach Towel

This Official Team Wasaaabi towel is the perfect present for a dedicated Wasaaabi fan. It can be used at home, at the beach, or to towel off after the game (just like Team Wasaaabi). This is sure to be a fast seller, so be in quick!

$39.95 RRP

Cute Wasaaabi Teddy Bear

Team Wasaaabi Teddy Bear

Team Wasaaabi have always been a hit with the kids, so what better gift than the official Wasaaabi Teddy Bear.

$49.95 RRP

Team Wasaaabi Dress Socks

Official Wasaaabi Dress Socks

The Team Wasaaabi Dress socks are sure to be a fast seller. These socks have it all, the colour, the logo, and the deodorised, cushioned soles for all day comfort.

$9.95 RRP

The Was-Baaarbie! - a must for every budding Wasaaabi cheerleader.

Wasaaabi Barbie