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Welcome to the new, official, website of

1st game in uniform

Meet the team!
Back row: Roy, Tim, Vanessa
Front row: Alexia, Trish, Kieren

Congratulations, you have found the Wasaaabi Indoor netball team's new web site!

This Website (much like the team) is still in it's early stages, so we value any input as to how we can improve.

Soon we will be adding a page that will describe the sport to those who are 'not in the know' (Due to feedback we have had - and we appreciate it!) If you want to see the team in action, there are three short vids of what its all about. Check it out on the "Players and Game Time" page.

get this gear!

Everyone!!!! Sign our guest book!!!! Go on! You can also add a few comments or suggestions.

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