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Team Wasaaabi!


Vote for the M.V.P. of the Final!

Current M.V.P.:- Tim Rogers!!

The Complete M.V.P. List: 15th October (Final)
Tim Rogers - 7%

12th October (Semi-Final)
Diane Antonovich - 38%

28th September
Tim Rogers - 37%

21st September
Kieren Manu - 38%

14th September
Vanessa Rogers - 40%

7th September
Roy Antunovich - 44%

31st August
Scott Rasmussen - 29%

24th August
Kieren Manu - 31%

17th August
Roy Antunovich - 41%

10th August
Patricia Parker - 40%

3rd August
Vanessa Rogers - 34%

27th July
Coach Krusha - 43%