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Team Wasaaabi!


The Latest happenings with Team Wasaaabi!

New Competition!
In case you haven't heard, Team Wasaaabi is now playing in the Tuesday night competition at Central Park.
After sweeping all before them on their way to the title on thursday night's, Team Wasaaabi found that the competition had quite literally disappeared. It seems that the prospect of continually losing to a team that played Tim Rogers at link was a little bit too much for the other teams. Therefore Wasaaabi had no choice but to move to Tuesday nights were the competition is looking a lot harder, in fact the first two games of the season have seen Wasaaabi win by a 2 point margin on both occasions.

M.V.P. Award
It would seem that cricket is not the only sport that has been hit by a bookmakers scandel in recent times.
In news just to hand there has been a double disqualification in the MVP poll. Although the case is yet to appear before the courts it would appear that rival betting syndicates have been trying to fix the poll so that their nominated players would win. The names of the players involved have yet to be released to the press, however "The Home of Indoor Netball" has been led to believe that it involves two of the female players on the team. Leaked documents indicate that the scandel involves two bookmaking firms, one based in NZ, and the other in Wales.
The most disturbing thing to come from this whole turn of events is that by removing the top two vote getters the award goes to Tim Rogers (despite only getting 7% of the vote).
More news on this story will be available as details come to hand.